Chinese Dilemma. Seychelles Solution

 Chinese Dilemma. Seychelles Solution The number of High Net Individuals in China and South East Asia has been on a gradual rise. Old generation- self-made native millionaires are concerned of their wealth disbursement and cautious of external non- family business [...]

Global Funding – Abacus

Taking your Business Global and to Global Funding John Bickett is a serial internet entrepreneur based in Europe; with success of multiple businesses to his credit. His lines of businesses range from local cab reservations to restaurant reservations and [...]

Investing outside your country

Investing outside your country - points to consider from a legal perspective Outgrown your home market? Saturated customer base. Dwindling profits margins. These are just few of the reasons why businesses look at overseas markets outside the comfort zone of [...]

Securing an occupation/residence permit in Mauritius

Securing an occupation/residence permit in Mauritius It has been the dream of many professionals to achieve the ideal work conditions of a peaceful location, enchanting locales, growing economy, access to state of the art infrastructure, great connectivity and political stability [...]

Offshore is not always linked to tax

Offshore is not always linked to tax When one thinks of Offshore, tax benefits would be the first thing that comes to mind. Tax minimization and confidentiality are not the only benefits of setting up an offshore company.  Though tax [...]

Destination China

Destination China The communist regime decided to open up to foreign investment in 1978, today China is the second largest economy by GDP, and the largest by way of purchasing power. With a population of over 1.3 billion, China plays [...]

Seychelles Trust & Foundations

Seychelles Trust & Foundations International Foundations and Trusts are used for asset protection, gain control as to how those assets are passed on to future generations while making them flexible, reliable and tax efficient. Should one opt for a Foundation [...]

Offshore Mutual Funds

Offshore Mutual Funds The relative ease to establish and administer make offshore mutual funds a lucrative investment option for investors who want their returns to be tax optimized thus aid in reinvesting. European offshore jurisdictions such as Bahamas, the Cayman [...]

A Tale of Two Countries and Wealth Management

Rick Mayer is a South African national planning to retire from a Fortune 500 firm and move to Thailand. Mayer was looking for an asset protection solution designed to be tax efficient in accordance to Thai Laws yet flexible to [...]