ASIA Equities Fund


Mr. Suchin King is well experienced Thailand-based fund manager, an investment advisor and a successful investor in listed securities. He wanted to establish a fund to invest in  listed and un-listed securities in the fast growing GMS (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam)and Yunnan province in China for a limited number of private investors and to act as the advisor to the fund.

Mr. King raised an initial amount of USD 100 million with a substantial investment contribution being made personally by his close connections.

Fund Structure

The new fund was established as a Seychelles International Business Company (IBC).. The Fund is licensed under the Seychelles Mutual Fund Law as a Seychelles private fund.

Please see below the structure of the fund.

Benefits of the structure


Efficient application and approval process

  • Tax Neutrality – fully exempt from business tax on the income of a fund as well as from withholding tax (dividends, interest, royalties, capital gains) and stamp duty
  • Auditing of accounts of Seychelles funds and fund administrators may be audited by approved overseas auditors including those qualified and belonging to recognised bodies in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA etc. (Full list of approved foreign auditor jurisdictions is mentioned below)
  • Overseas Fund administrators can be appointed
  • Value for money as Seychelles mutual funds can be established and administered for less than most competing jurisdictions
  • Dividends can be easily repatriated


Abacus Seychelles Services

  • Facilitate the set-up process, including meetings/liaising with regulatory authorities.
  • Prepare the fund licencing application pack including the, prospectus.
  • Lodge the fund license application with the Seychelles authorities.
  • Maintaining the register of shareholders and providing statement of holdings to the shareholders at regular intervals.
  • Company secretary services including due diligence/KYC process and board meetings.
  • Ensure management compliance with Seychelles regulations and licensing conditions.
  • Prepare annual audited accounts and Liaise with auditors in connection with annual audit.

List of approved foreign auditor jurisdictions

Austria, France, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Mauritius, Belgium, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Bahamas, Guernsey, Singapore, Bahrain, Holland, USA, South Africa, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Switzerland, British Virgin Islands, Isle of Man, United Arab Emirates, Canada Ireland, UK, Cayman Islands, Japan, Cyprus, Jersey, Denmark